The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid


                                                           Fifth Line

      Fifth Line represents the growth and diversification of three dimensional life forms. It lays down a principle that allows each form to evolve into its potential perfection and to coexist with all other forms. This principle is the golden proportion, the division of a line so that the small part is to the large part what the large part is to the whole, the mathematical equivalent of the golden rule.

      As a number it is .618033989. As a ratio it is  the relationship between the three different length lines that make up the five sided pentagon and pentagonal star constructed therein. On each of the star’s lines an infinite series of diminishing sized stars can be constructed, each with the same golden proportion to the line it was constructed on as well as the one constructed on its own line. Just as one pentagonal star leads to millions of different sized two dimensional pentagonal stars, one life form leads to millions of different three dimensional life forms, not to mention the stars of the universe.

      Besides begetting the principle that allows functional growth of three dimensional forms, the golden proportion and related Fibonacci series* of numbers saturate many of the life forms that comprise the third dimension. It governs the spacing of leaves around a stem so that each leaf gets an equal amount of sunlight, and its golden spiral turns up everywhere from the spiral nebulas in deep space to the spiraled nautilus in the oceans depth. Not only is it the ratio between the bones in our fingers, hands, and arms but it is also the ratio between the height of a human and that remnant of the conduit of nourishment for the nine month gestation period, the navel. The spiral of the double helix of the DNA in every cell in the human body is a golden spiral.                   

      A pentagonal star with a small star constructed on the tip of  each of the stars rays is a perfect abstract, two dimensional symbol for the human form, which has five appendages with five digits on four of them, the fifth harboring the five senses.

      Though composed of multiple golden proportions, the human species is the only life form not adhering to the golden proportions principle in its relationship with the rest of earth’s life forms. The species that can do almost anything, has not yet learned the difference between can and should, upsetting the balanced order of the planets ecological system through the misuse of free will, even though we knowingly evolved from that ecological system.

      Since virtually every single object in our highly complex civilization has been created out of the earth’s physical matter by our minds, which are Spirit, we could easily be classified as the planets alchemists. It’s what we do, transform matter into spirit and spirit into matter. Unfortunately, some of the transformations have a negative effect on the rest of the earth’s life forms, and learning to be in step with the golden proportions principle is an evolutionary step that we have not, as a species, yet taken. This is one of the main points the Great Pyramid makes, with the blocked ascending passage, which is filled with golden proportions. Like the earth and our own selves, The Great Pyramid, a five sided form, is so saturated with the golden proportion that it could be considered a  hymn to the golden proportion, just as we human beings are.

      In a circle of One using square root of 10 as pi,, Fifth Line measures .185874017 and its ratio to First line is 5.379988096.

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