The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid


                                                                                  Sixth Line

      Sixth Line represents knowing. Everything needs to know what to do and that knowing has to precede the physical act of doing, at the finest level. In the case of the Creation of the Universe, Sixth Line provides the knowing, knowing that the created is identical to the Creator, as each side of the six sided hexagon is identical to the radius that created the circle in the first place. Just as opening the compass to the desired radius is the first physical act of the geometer in implementing the mind’s imagined circle, so is the radius the first outward expression of the un-manifested All into the manifested All. It is the word, the beginning, the first action of Spirit materializing itself, and as such is implemented by Third Line’s principle of action.

      From a purely sequential point of view, the radius could be considered First Line instead of Sixth Line because it creates the circle in the first place, but when it did so it was as space, an implied, but non material line, and only surfaces as an actual line after creating Time and Space, to take its proper place amongst polygons as Sixth Line, in order to know itself.

      Just as each snowflake is different from every other snowflake, yet has the same hexagonal foundation as its base design and therefor an absolute relationship to its radius, so does the human form, with its infinitely variable experience in life, have an absolute, one to one relationship with its Creator because the created IS the Creator.

      Sixth Line, by its example, offers the opportunity to realize and appreciate creation of a vehicle, the human form, for experiencing the third dimension, and then the opportunity of trying to live with conscious awareness of this knowledge., the hardest of all jobs. To know ones own self is to know God.

      Using square root of 10 as pi, the measure of Sixth Line in a circle of One is .158113883, the square root of .025, and its ratio to First Line is 6.32455532, the square root of  40.

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