The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid


                                                                     The Moon

      The moon’s ideal circumference is 6846.53197 miles as opposed to the actual 6785.840132. Dividing the earth’s circumference by the moon’s circumference makes the relationship between the earth and moon 3.651483716, (Third Line to First Line ratio, the Action number).

      Since the moon’s magnetic pull on the oceans created the space between high and low tides where life found a toehold as it emerged from the primordial stew in the world of water into the world of earth and air, the moon has to be considered a major factor in the origin of life on earth as well as a continuing influence on the life cycles of much of the flora and fauna of the planet, including the nine full moons of human gestation.

      Its diameter is 2165.063509 miles and its circumscribed square is 8660.254038 miles, which, times a thousand, is the diameter of a circle that life on earth could not exist without, the sun.