The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid


                                                                                                              The Sun

      The sun’s diameter is 866025.403 miles (square root of 7500000000) and is the height or spine of the triangle within a circle of 3.651483716, the Action number. The height of the circle’s equilateral triangle is the circle’s genetic contribution in the circle-squaring operation that becomes the vertice in the product of the marriage, the pyramid.

      In the Great Pyramid 8660.25403 inches is the shortest navigable route from the Entrance to the east-west center of the pyramid in the Kings Chamber. .866025403 times 2 is 1.73250808, the square root of 3.

      The sun’s circumference is 2,738,612.788 miles (ten million  times Third Line, and is the inverse of its ratio to First Line, the Action ratio 3.651483716. A circumscribed square would measure 3,464,101.615 (square root of 12 times a million).