The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid



      The earth’s ideal distance from the sun is 91,287,092.9 (the square root of 8333333333, one quarter of 365,148,371.6, a hundred million times the Action ratio). 9128.709 inches is the distance between the Great Pyramid’s two north side corner sockets and is the first dimension, line, number to be addressed when preparing to enter it.

      This radius makes the earth’s path around the sun 577,350,269.2 miles. This, divided by a hundred million, is the inverse of the square root of 3 and is the ratio of Sixth Line and Third Line. As 5773.502692 inches, it  is the height of the  Great Pyramid.

      The moon is 250000 (one side of a square of One) miles from the earth, making the circumference of the moon’s circle around the earth 1,581,138.83 miles, (100,000,000 times Sixth line, the radius of a circle of One).

      Similarly, one side of a triangle in the earth’s orbital circle around the sun is 1581138.83 miles (100 times Sixth line, radius of circle of One. One side of the triangle in the moon’s orbit around the earth is 216506.35 miles (the moon’s diameter times 100). The sun’s diameter is 400 times greater than the moon’s diameter and 109.544511 times greater than the earth’s diameter. 109.544511 is the inverse of the earth to sun distance of  91287092.9 miles. The earth’s orbit around the sun, divided by the moon’s orbit around the earth, is 3.651483716, the Action ratio.

      Using the earth’s diameter of 7905.6 as a unit of one, there are 31.6227766 units (Second line , diameter of circle of One times 100, and pi) between earth and moon and 11547.00538 units (diameter of a 365.148 circle, the ratio between Second Line and Third Line, and the diameter of the Great Pyramid’s circle) between earth and sun. In the moon’s orbit around the earth there are 200000 units of the earth’s diameter and 7302.967432 units (one fifth of 3.651483716, Action ratio, times 10000)in the earth’s orbit around the sun.

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