The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid



      The preponderance of Third line’s 3.651483716 ratio occurring in our time-space relationships is either unique to us, with the implication that we are the first form with a consciousness that can understand and appreciate the creation of life, or that in addition to all the necessary chemicals, these numbers for time-space are a necessary ingredient for organic life to flower. This implies that either our kind of life exists anywhere these same numbers and conditions exist or that we are the first and only.

      In any case, we do exist, and we exist within these idealized space-time conditions. We are an aspect of All’s anatomy of Spirit and Matter, consciously aware that there IS a third dimension. WE have a consciousness that exceeds all of earth’s life forms by light years, a mind and body that can accomplish almost anything. We have free will giving us the choice of either destroying all life on earth or creating a sustainable home for our consciousness to evolve as we look outward at the universe of Matter and inward at the universe of Spirit. We are the only form on our planet, and quite possibly the only form in the universe, that can know, love , experience and appreciate all aspects of All.

      As to the perfection of our form, one only needs to look for one second at a smiling baby. Yet that same baby can grow up to use it’s amazing powers and free will to either shower the world with the love of life or shower the world with bombs. This seeming flaw of our free will which is leading us to self-destruction, is one of the main issues that the Great Pyramid was constructed to address, showing it to be both an intentional and necessary part of our design, as nothing is learned except by experience. Experience is the product of action and 3.651483716 is the number representing Action.

      Considering the vastness of the Universe’s Time and Space, the odds are unimaginable and non-computable that this particular set of numbers would appear in the earth’s 4.5 billion years of existence  during the very small span of time that a form would evolve that could notice, understand and appreciate the numbers significance.

      Ruling out coincidence as an explanation because of the massive quantity of numbers, a conclusion that can be drawn is that it is a mathematical signature of the Creator (All, One, God) included as an intentional fail-safe, so that the form created to establish with its own conscious free will, an equitable home for Spirit and Matter to reconcile, function, flourish, understand, and appreciate its own role in the Universe of All, which is God.

      How this could be brought about is impossible to fathom, and can only be looked at as the most dramatic proof possible that God’s grist mill does indeed grind exceedingly fine.

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