The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid


                                                                                                        The Entrance

     Just as Third line is originally created by being exactly half way in the process of one geometric circle-cell becoming two separate circle-cells, the entrance is not only the point where outside becomes inside, invisible becomes visible, and Spirit becomes Matter, it is also where a human being, the creator of the pyramid, enters and exits it, the exact point of entry carries much weight. This point is determined by the intersection of three numbers, an appropriate amount of numbers considering the entire outside is composed of 3 ratios.

      Either two of these numbers can create the third one, or the third one can create the first two, but all are necessary, and all are ratios in their own right. The height of the entrance is 668.740305 inches, the center of the entrance floor is 286.2167011 inches east of the north face’s center line, creating less distance latterly to the east edge of the pyramid than to the west. The ratio between these distances is the same as the ratio between Second Line and Third Line, (1.154700538) and a 10,000th part of the diameter of the pyramid’s circle.

      The other two numbers, height and off center displacement, not only play an important role in the transition from outside to inside, but also continue their influence on the inside where they mix and blend with each other to create a host of pentagon ratios.

      The first thing they do is to transform the outside pi of 3.141743958 representing the world of 3, into one of the three main pi’s used on the inside, 3.1446055. This is the pi developed by the use of the golden proportion to square the circle, creating 3.144605511 for its Second Line to First Line ratio in a circle of 36310.77677 inches, representing the world of Fifth line. It does this by adding .002862167011, the eastward displacement number, divided by 100000, to the outside pi, 3.141743958, transforming it into 3.1446055111, the inside pi.  The Third line world of action creates the Fifth line world representing all life forms, human beings in particular, and the golden proportion, which so saturates the King’s Chamber and Queen’s Chamber to the degree that they can be seen as hymns to it. 

      Just as the outside is a blend of Third Line ratios, the inside is a blend of the two golden proportioned pi numbers,(3.14460522 and 3.14164078) under the umbrella of the perfect world of the square root of 10 (3.16227766), so that by crossing the point of entry to go from outside to inside, one goes from 3 world to 5 world. Some of the ratios the height and displacement numbers create are the following; 

      5.34992244, the ratio for Fifth Line to the First Line of 36310.77677, is the square root of 28.62167011 and can also be developed by dividing 286.2167011 by 66.8470305 as well as multiplying 668.74 by eight.

      668.740305 times 35.7770864, an eighth of 286.2167011,(a number and it’s square root of 5.981395125 that come into play often in the pyramid), equals 239.255805, whose square root is 15.46789594. This is only eight hundredth of an inch less than 1546.550789, which is the length of the ascending passage.

      5962.847938 is the number of navigable inches of two of the three angled passages in the pyramid, the Descending Passage and Grand Gallery Passages. The Ascending Passage is blocked at the bottom and can’t be ascended. 5962.84 times 6 is 35.77708764 and times 48 is 286.216701.

      668.740305 times 6787.159471 (Fifth Line in the pyramid’s circle and key component in the heights of many aspects within the pyramid), equals 4538847.096. Divided by 100 it is the radius (or an eighth) of the 36310.77677 circle-square generated by the Golden Proportion. Squared, it is 206.0113296 which is the width of the King and Queen’s chambers.

      20.60113296 is the cubit used in the pyramid, and as it is one third of the golden proportion (.618033989) times 100, it could rightly be called the golden cubit. Two other ways it can be arrived at is by dividing 6787.159471 by 668.740305. The square of its quotient of 1.014916994 is 10.300556648, which, when doubled is 20.60113296, the golden cubit. 36310.77677 divided by 35.7770874, an eighth of 286.2167011, is 1.014916994 which leads to the same conclusion.

      In the world of the square root of 10, a 286.2167011th of any square is the starting radius of a circle, that, when expanded 12 times by the square root of 2, becomes the radius of a circle that is theoretically the same as the original square. An eighth of it is 35.77708764, whose square root is 5.891395125, a key number in developing Fifth Line ratios, (pentagon and pentagram star ratios.

      5.981395125 divided by 3.1446055, the pi ratio in 5’s world is 1.902113026, a five ratio in itself (pentagon side divided by decagon side) but more importantly, leads to many other 5 ratios through its square root, its square, multiplication, and division, etc.

      35.7770864 divided by 5.379988096 (square root of 10 world’s Fifth line to First line-circle ratio) is 6.650031004, a Fifth line ratio, which, when squared equals another Fifth line ratio, which when multiplied by 4 is another ratio and which leads to many more ratios.

      6.68740305 divided by 6.650031004 is 1.005619831, which is the same ratio as is pi for the 10 world (3.16227766) divided by the pi for the 5 world (3.144605522).

      But the most important role the entrance height number of 668.740305 plays is its square, 4472.135955. This is the distance to the Great Step by way of going down the Descending Passage to the Ascending Passage, and then up the Ascending Passage (if it wasn’t blocked) and through the Grand Gallery to the Great Step. In the square root of 10 world, 4.472135955 (the square root of 20) is the ratio between Fourth Line and First Line-Circle. Fourth Line, which creates the square, out of which comes the cube containing the volume that defines the third dimension, is central to the concept being presented in the Great Pyramid. This is accomplished by squaring 4472.135955, which is 20000000.00, the volume of the Kings chamber when using the full height of the chamber’s walls which begins 5.29539054 inches below the floor. The East-West center is 4534.716799 inches (one eighth of base perimeter of 36277.73439 inches) from the north base line and produces an angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 9.45 seconds.

      To sum up the use of the first seven lines in the pyramid’s exterior then, the Great Pyramid has FIVE sides, FOUR visible and One invisible, it is the THREE dimensional geometric child of the circle and square, just as we humans with our FIVE appendages, FOUR of which have FIVE additional appendages (fingers and toes), the invisible FIFTH one containing FIVE senses, are the offspring of a male and female human.

      The Great Pyramid’s height,(SIXTH line and radius of the pyramid’s circle) is the ratio between THIRD line and SIXTH line and represents the idea and intention of the designer, which is the creation of a circle whose circumference measurement is the ratio of THIRD line to FIRST line, the pyramid’s base perimeter being the square version of the circle.

      Not only is the perimeter this ratio but the individual sides and meridians are also versions of it, the West side representing FIFTH line through its golden proportioned pi, the south side honoring SEVENTH line through its 22 divide by 7 pi, and the East West meridian representing boots on the ground reality of true pi.

      The ratios of the height, the perimeter and the pi they generate, are all derived from the number THREE.                   

      In the Great Pyramid’s circle, THIRD line measures 10,000 inches or One, making its ratio to every aspect in both the pyramid’s circle and the pyramid itself, the actual number of that aspects measurement, giving it pre-eminence.

      The measure of the diameter (SECOND line) of the Great Pyramid’s circle is the ratio between THIRD line and SECOND line.

      The height and eastern displacement from center of the entrance are FIFTH line ratios. Together they create a proportion eastward and westward from the entrance to the ridges that is the ratio between THIRD line and SECOND line. And though the entrance height is a FIFTH line ratio number, it is also a root of the FOURTH line to FIRST line-Circle ratio in the world according to the square root of 10.

      Since it was recorded by historians, explorers, and travelers long before the casing stones were stripped to build Cairo, that it had a platform rather than coming to a point, it is likely that the remaining 203 courses of stone were originally 206 courses, the number of bones in the human skeleton, and probably had a height of 5477.225575 inches, the square root of 30000000. With everything about the exterior stating that the pyramid is about the relationship between THIRD line’s Action principal, without which nothing can manifest itself into reality, the physical bulk of the pyramid, would therefor represent matter, our matter. The space of the interior passages and chambers is where the process of uniting into one form, the two equal but opposite factors of reality, spirit with matter. The mathematics of the Great Pyramid is the mathematics of Creation.

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