The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid


The Ascending Passage

The Ascending Passage, one of the two passages leading upward, is called the Hall of Truth in Darkness or Ascent. It has to be dealt with before the other upward passage, the Well Shaft, not only because it comes first in the Descending Passage, but because a principle involved with it rationalizes  the creation and purpose of the Well Shaft.

The length of the Ascending Passage is 1546.550789 inches from its virtual beginning on the floor of the Descending Passage to its junction with the north end of the Grand Gallery. As a number it has yet to reveal its intrinsic value. It is very likely a filler like the eastern side of the pyramid base. Its there because the sum of it, and the two lengths of passages on either end of it, add up to 4472.1356 inches, 1000 times the Fourth Line to First Line (circle) ratio in the square root of 10 world. It is situated between three established ratios. Southward up to the Great Step is the Grand Gallery’s 1815.538839 inches, which times two and divided by a thousand is 3.631077677 (Third Line to First Line ratio in the Golden proportioned world). Northward to the pyramid’s entrance are 628.921104 inches (2 pi in the Golden proportioned world) and 481.1252243 inches (Foot height of the pyramid in inches) which, when multiplied together is a twelfth of the same Third Line to First Line ratio.
It is well designed as far as the individual numbers that comprise the whole length but it is also laden with anomalies, the first one being that it can’t be used. Its entrance was concealed on the ceiling of the Descending Passage and then blocked by three impenetrable granite blocks. It has been argued that these blocks were kept in the Grand Gallery until the coffer carrying the dead king, passed through it on the way to the King’s Chamber and then were slid down the passage to block it. But because the width of the coffer is greater than the passage and the only place to store them would further impede its transport it must be concluded that it was a well thought out passage and not intended for any use other than symbolic.

The three blocks are each 67.87159471 inches long, .6787159471 being the ratio between Third Line (Action)and Fifth Line, (the development of organic life-Human life), as well as being, times 10000, one side of the pentagon in the pyramid’s circle, the pentagon symbolizing mankind.

It should also be noted that these three passage blocking stones have their counterpart in the distance from the Subterranean Passage floor up to the junction of the Ascending Passage and the Grand Gallery. It contains three units of 678.7159471. Two units, totaling 1357.431894 inches, are the measurement up to the junction of the Descending and Ascending passages. The third is from there, vertically up to the junction of the Ascending Passage and the Grand Gallery. So one has to climb, times 100, what can’t be passed. 

Although there is 1.19827275 space between them, only the bottom one is correctly placed as there is more than that between the first and second one and no space between the second and third block. All together they measure 206.0113296 inches in length, 10 times the Golden Cubit and the width of the King’s and Queen’s chambers.

In addition to these three blocking stones there are three or more vertical girdle stones through which the passage passes and two other partial girdle stones. It has been speculated that they are there to prevent the blocking stones from pushing the passage apart when they were sliding the blocks down the passage. Since it is hard to imagine three stones pushing outward the massive amount of stones on either side and since it is no small task to fashion such stones, they have to be either symbolic or for some purpose not yet understood.

The first blocking stone is 13.333333 inches from the actual beginning of the passage on the Descending Passage ceiling. Its square root is 3.651483716, the Third Line-First Line ratio in the square root of 10 world. Adding this to the 206.0113296 of the blocking stones results in 219.3446629.

Another significant number is the distance from the beginning of the blocking stones to the termination of the passage at the beginning of the Grand Gallery. This measures 1473.37242 inches. Its inverse is .0006787159471, the Third Line-Fifth Line ratio, divided by 1000.

The last important measurement to be considered, though  not part of the Ascending Passage, is intimately involved with it and has great bearing on the other upward passage, the Well Shaft. It is from the end of the Ascending Passage to the first cutoff in the Grand Gallery Passage and measures 223.606797 inches. This is 100 times the square root of 5 and a 1000 times the measurement of Fourth Line in a circle of One in the square root of 10 world. Its ratio to First Line is its inverse, 4.4721359, which, times 1000 is the route length from the pyramid entrance to the Great Step. 223.606797 is the measurement across the space where the continuation of the Ascending Passage into the floor of the Grand gallery would be if were not for the Queen’s Chamber Passage. There is no floor but there are 5 holes or slots on either side of this gap in the floor, supposedly for beams across which could be laid a bridge to the Grand Gallery. The importance of this linear measurement across empty space of the missing floor is that the length of the very real Well Shaft which needs to be climbed hand over hand to reach to upper chambers is 2236.06797 inches and composed of 5 segments. There is another continuation of the passage floor in the form of a triangular stop for the bridge. This continuation adds another increment to the overall measurement. Depending upon what measure one assigns to it the measure brings it up to half of one of the many pi used in the pyramid.

So, by moving the decimal point to reflect its basic principle, the first route to the base of the Great Step is the ratio for creating the square, the portal to the third dimension of volume, and is missing the floor representing the actual line for which the route is the ratio. The actual beginning of the passage on the ceiling of the Descending Passage to the first block is the square of the square root of 10 world’s action ratio. Then, the passage to the third dimension is blocked by three granite blocks, each measuring the symbol for humans which is also the ratio between Action and humans. These blocking stones have an overall measure of a third of the Golden Proportion and, when added to the rest of the passage beyond them, measures the inverse of the vertical height  of the route. This route starts on the floor of the Descending Passages above the pyramid’s base at a vertical height measuring the symbol for the third dimension, and then rises to a vertical height measuring the symbol for humans. And lastly the length of the passage up to the level of the Queen’s Chamber passage is the symbol for the third dimension minus the symbol for the third dimension.        

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