The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid



      Number begins with the number one, which contains within it the origin of all numbers, and which, until there is Two, is inseparable from All.

     All is a small word describing the largest and most inclusive concept there is since it means that no thing is outside of it. In terms of matter, which is commonly defined as having the volume of three dimensions, All would contain every atom in the universe, including the atoms that make up our own physical form. All is another word for universe.

     But, as the actual stuff of our human existence are the non-material elements, All, to be All, must include every thought, word, deed, experience, feeling, dream, love, vision, belief, desire, prayer, imagining, laughter, and every version of every concept on every subject by every being. Though these things occur through the matter of our physical body, they are not themselves matter. But since they are what occupy  every single moment of human life, they are clearly “something”, and a very important something at that. This non-material, non-measurable something has, since the dawn of human existence, been called Spirit . So All, besides containing all matter, also contains all things that are not matter, Spirit.

     One of the concepts contained within All is the concept of God or Creator. Although the concept itself of God is clearly within the definition of All, the reality of God cannot be, as it would be classifying God as just a part of All, just another thing, item, object, form, within All. And since God can’t be outside All, because it would negate the concept and meaning of All, the only possibility left since God is not either within or outside of All, is that God IS All.

      This would mean that all the matter in the universe, including our own physical bodies, is the physical composition of Gods material body and is what God looks like and that all things of spirit compose the non-material, Spirit, aspect of God. Likewise, we humans then are an aspect, or part, of God  just as each atom, cell, thought, and feeling are an absolute part of our own being. All, God, One and Universe are words that describe the same thing, and are interchangeable.

      Since no thing can exist without first becoming that thing, all things, whether of Spirit or Matter, must first exist in an un-manifested  state  containing all the necessary ingredients for its potential manifestation into the reality of existence.

      Whether the thing being manifested is an idea, a meal, a painting, a building, an invention, a human being, a planet or the universe itself, it must have a process for transforming the un-manifested into the manifested. That process for the transformation from one state to another, on all levels, is called creation.      


      Regardless of the nature of the thing created and the particularness of its transformation, all things created follow the same three-fold pattern ……..Idea, Action, and Form. Creation starts with Idea, no matter what form the idea comes in, and then proceeds with the particular action necessary to manifest the ideas conceived form. A book, for instance, exists only because a person comes up with an idea for a book. All the events between the idea and the finished form of a book; the writing, editing, publishing, and printing is the transforming process the idea must go through before Idea becomes Form.

      A two dimensional plan of this creative process by which the un-manifested Universe becomes the manifested Universe can be found in the development of the first seven lines in fundamental geometry.  These primary lines generate the numbers that are used through out the Great Pyramid and in an idealized plan of the time and space relationships of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. The principles of these seven lines illustrate the basic act of all living matter, growth by the doubling of cells. Since the Universe can be considered a whole unit of One, it is the largest of all single cells.

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