The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid


                                                                                                              First Line

     This two dimensional geometric process starts with the opening of a compass to the desired space between pivot and marking point and then drawing a circle. This is First Line. Not only is the circle the two dimensional symbol for All, but it embodies the two parameters of reality, Time and Space.  Because of its infinite and un-measurable nature, the circle’s curved line represents Time because once it is drawn it has no beginning or end, and whose length can be known but not measured, while the simultaneously created measurable area enclosed by the circles curved line, represents Space.

      The creation of First line, the Circle, contains a conceptual Space-Time field in which Matter, represented in its most reduced state of abstraction by straight measurable lines, can form, function and  flourish. This is the first step, stage, motion, act, word, or day in the Action part of transforming Idea into Form. It is a two dimensional geometric model, harboring the plan and principles of the universes three dimensional Form.

      In geometry, creating a circle is a simple physical act. The circle is created mechanically with the physical matter of the compass defining a center with its point, around which the compass’s adjustable arm inscribes a curved line on which all points are equidistant from its center.

      Conceiving the circle and its size, however, is Idea. Idea, even though it is the product of the physical functioning of the matter composing the geometricians brain, is not itself matter, but Spirit. The same is true for the Idea of the Universe of All.