The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid



      Although the biblical version of Creation ends with God resting on the seventh day, number and their regular polygons continue on infinitely, creating and interacting with  the Spirit and Matter of the Universe of All.

      The first seven numbers demonstrate that numbers have both a symbolic as well as sequential aspect, just as does the subtle and often not so subtle pecking order of the first born, second born, etc, in family dynamics. Numbers are both quality and quantity, and all are important. Some numbers have multiple roles to play and some have none, other than being that number and holding down its rightful place in the order of number.

      Science depends on number to both understand and express the laws of the physical world of matter. So too does matter depend on number, the classification of the very atoms that make up the matter of all the forms of life, atomic numbers, is based on the number of electrons or protons circling the nucleus. Matter is number. In the universe of All, number is the lowest common denominator, the base of All.

      Of all numbers, the most important ones to humans other than the length of their lives are the ones relating to the time and space relationships of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Whether these numbers are meaningless random numbers or specific numbers with real meaning, is the difference between our little corner of the universe being an accidental happening, or a purposeful, intentional and meaningful creative act.

      Since the human form is the perfectly designed home base for harboring the soul, it is reasonable to assume that the home base for the human form must also be perfect, and the numbers for this three part planetary home should reflect this perfection.

      But no idea is transformed into the three dimensional world of physical reality exactly as it was originally conceived. The Action process of transformation not only transforms the idea from the un-manifested into the manifested, but also transforms the original idea itself, by adjusting and refining it in order to make it workable in the light of day, getting the bugs out. This is addressed in the Great pyramid, and the idea that needs to be refined in order to be workable in the light of day is us. 

      The same is true of numbers. The golden proportion is a good example of a number being extremely precise in its pure two dimensional geometric form, but becoming an approximation in  its application in the three dimensional world. Because every human’s navel is not exactly .618033989 of their total height, but rather hovers all around the number, or because the arrangement of leaves around a stem doesn’t conform to the Fibonacci series, does not mean that its principles are not involved.

      The same applies to the spacing of planets in our solar system. The Bode- Titius law provides the formula for each planets distance from the Sun. Although Bodes law was verified by its accurately predicting where Uranus and the asteroid belt were before they were discovered, no planet has exactly the same actual and theoretical distance. Considering the magnitude of the planets and the vast distances involved, these deviations from theoretical exactitude demonstrate that allowable tolerances are an integral part of nature and don’t negate the laws from which they deviate.

      There are no known laws regarding the size of the Sun, Moon and Earth nor their time and space relationships. The numbers of their measurements are meaningless if taken exactly as they are and are not looked at for numbers with principles just below the surface of the actual number of the measured time and space.

      As it turns out there are underlying numbers and principles just below the surface of all the major measurements of the earth, moon and sun relationships, and these numbers are the same numbers involved in Creation, and incorporated into the Great Pyramid. But before looking at these numbers it is necessary  to consider two major factors regarding the objects being measured and the units being used to measure them.