The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid


                                                                                                           Second Line             

     Second line is a straight line. Starting anywhere on the circle's circumference, it passes through the circle's center and terminates on the circle's circumference, opposite where it originated. It is the first straight line to be constructed within the circle, and the longest.

      Its role as diameter and its ratio to the circumference of the circle containing it(pi), is no more important than the side ratio of any of the subsequent regular polygons. It is just the most convenient and easiest to draw, but is very much secondary to its primary role of dividing the unordered All, into equal but opposite pairs of polarized principles and concepts, as nothing can exist without its opposite to give it definition. Among these are male-female, body-soul, brain-mind, logic-imagination, thinking-feeling, objective-subjective, rational-irrational, form-content, even-odd, good-evil, up-down, light -dark, positive-negative, cause-effect, and straight-curved. 

      Each of these equal and opposite versions of the same thing can be put under the domain of either Spirit or Matter. A general characteristic of those represented by Matter is that they can be quantitatively measured, whereas things of Spirit not only cannot be measured by the same unit or means of measure as its opposite, but, for the most part, can’t be measured by any means.

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