The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid



Exploring the Great Pyramid’s numbers is an ongoing adventure with no clear end in sight. Although a massive amount of material is being presented here, and a condensed version at that, it is by no means complete in either numbers or symbolism. Its an ongoing process which I have been working on since 1982 and, as it is highly addictive, I assume that I will be working on it for the rest of my life. Because of this, I have chosen to put the material on line since the format allows me to add to it as new material is resolved. All of the sections in the table of contents have been written and will be added as each section is re-written a few thousand times. There are a number of aspects that are not covered  because either I don’t have enough reliable information, I haven’t gotten to it or am not satisfied with the results if I have gotten to it. Only numbers that I know to be absolutely correct to the         degree that I could prove in a court of law, so to speak, are presented. There is no complex mathematics involved. It is basic arithmetic of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. A calculator with a square, square root and inverse button is all that is needed. The abstract symbolism, however, is a different story, and perfectly illustrates the difference between knowing and thinking-believing. I think I am correct in the interpretation but don’t know so absolutely. And since the Great Pyramid is but a part of the interconnected Giza complex, although a large part for sure, total understanding can only happen when the complex as a whole is understood. And it all starts with the Great Pyramid, calculator in hand, mind wide open.